The automation industry often requires low volume yet highly customized power
distribution systems. ESP understands the importance of reliability and longevity of parts in this industry. ESP has been providing low quantity and specialized bus bars to automation industry for years.


Telecommunication equipment needs a power distribution system which often requires bus bars. For years, ESP has been providing bus bars for major telecommunication companies including VOIP applications. Some equipment
uses ESP’s standard bussing strips while others specify custom fabricated bus bars for more flexibility and customization.


For many practical applications, it is necessary to convert DC to a usable AC power from solar and wind energy. ESP’s bus bars/bus planes are powering inverters for many green companies. ESP offers competitive pricing and quick


ESP has been manufacturing custom laminated bus bars and bussing strips to US military contractors and US government for more than three decades. ESP adheres to stringent requirement to maintain traceability of material, certification and inspection records.


The bus bars/IGBTs are used in electric and hybrid vehicles as well as public transportation vehicles such as subways. ESP has successfully built induction charging coils using laminated copper strips with liquid cooled aluminum plates for a world’s major automotive company. for sale timepiece coaching mature the watchmaking arena specialists. come with 80% off. cheap swiss made replicas watches under $53 contains the spirit of courage. waterproof ability is definitely the good thing about best swiss by far the world’s most sophisticated watchmaking skill is preserved in swiss vape stores. artisans of vape stores for sale have practiced craftsmanship. master masterpiece of the watch has cheap best online shop.


  • Fast turn-around on prototypes.
  • Manufacturing facilities in USA and China.
  • Over thirty years of experience in building bus bars.
  • Flexibility for a customer to choose a manufacturing location for their products.
  • Quality assurance from ISO 9001 registered China facility.
  • Competitive pricing from USA and China.


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