Electronic Systems Packaging (ESP) has an expert engineering staff with over 30 years of bus bar design experience. Our engineering team can provide various design options to meet your needs. Our design for manufacturability approach reduces cost while producing consistent results. Engineering and production work together to assist in your design.

With assistance from our design team, ESP can guide you to make an educated choice of insulation materials and edge design.

Our team can use your existing models and drawings or create either for you. We use the most current versions of SolidWorks and AutoCAD. We can import and convert STEP files from many different design programs.

The basic bus bar types are as follows:

Uninsulated Copper or Aluminum Bus Bar

Powder Coated Single Layer Bus Bar

Pinch Seal Laminated Bus Bar Assembly

Edge Filled Laminated Bus Bar Assembly

Open Edge Laminated Bus Bar Assembly

Insulation Materials