Electronic Systems Packaging specializes in fabricating custom designed multi-layered laminated bus bar per customer specifications including IGBT’s and CNC machined copper bus bars for high current applications.

Our backplane interconnect systems offer efficient, cost-effective ways to distribute signals or power to either multiple points on a printed circuit board or throughout a system. They offer a variety of benefits to a system designer, which can simplify printed circuit board design to control impedance, minimize noise, cross-talk, eliminate wiring errors, and simplify assembly.

Electronic Systems Packaging offers a complete line of signal and power distribution products, with custom backplane interconnect systems designed specifically for your application. Standard items, such as our patented clip/strip solderless bussing systems, PCB and board stiffening bus bars, patented compliant pin, and our popular programming jumper, will help maximize your design options as well as the cost-effectiveness of your package.

Circut Board Laminated Power Distributor

Epoxy Glass Laminated Bus Bar 1

Epoxy Glass Laminated Bus Bar 2

Kapton Laminated Bus Bar Assembly

Kapton Laminated Bus Bar

Mylar Edge Filled Laminated Bus Bar Formed

Mylar Edge Filled Laminated Bus Bar with Connector

Mylar Edge Filled Laminated Bus Bar

Mylar Laminated Bus Bars